Anyvite Now Supports the “Maybe” Option

One feature request we’ve been hearing a lot lately, and which has been a controversial topic with us for some time, is the ability to allow users to respond with “maybe”. Since we began working on Coordinatr, and then Anyvite, we’ve held firm to that fact that the site should support an all or nothing attitude, either you’re attending or you’re not. But, after many many conversations with users, specifically ones creating and organizing events, we came to the consensus that there are certain types of events which warrant the “maybe” option, and really, who are we to say that event creators shouldn’t have the final say with their guests?

So tonight we’d like to announce that Anyvite now supports the ability for event creators to choose whether they would like to allow their guests to respond with “maybe” or not. The only thing that needs to be done is to check a box during the event creation process, and the “maybe” option shows up in the drop-down box for users to RSVP with. A “maybe” button is then also included in all emails that invited guests receive, so they can easily respond from their email to the event.

We’re excited to see what event creators, and ultimately guests, think of this new option. Let us know your thoughts when you have a chance!

Update your Name and Picture right from the Event Invitation

We just pushed out another update to Anyvite tonight which allows invited guests to update their name and picture right from the event that they’ve been invited to. There’s no need to register for an account or even leave the page to do this, all you have to do is click the link at the bottom of the Attending box. Once you’ve updated your name and picture, you never have to do it again (unless you want to) and they will be displayed every time you’re invited to an Anyvite event.

Try it out the next time you’re invited to an event!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When we started working on Coordinatr (the precursor to Anyvite) almost a year ago, the objective was to create a site which allowed you to rapidly create events without any of the frills (like pictures and colors). We launched Coordinatr and started receiving feedback from users, and the consensus was that the quick, intuitive approach to event creation was great, but people also want to be able to add in their own creative touch to the invitation.

Well, Coordinatr turned into Anyvite, and with it came the ability to change your background wallpaper, as well as add in pictures and video to support the invitation. People were happy with that…we started having more events created with wallpapers than without. But something was missing…

..and we think we’ve figured out what that is. The old saying is that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and we’ve taken that to heart. As of today, Anyvite now provides the ability to upload your own custom main image to the event, or search flickr right from Anyvite for the perfect picture to complement your invitation! The results from initial testing are awesome, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on how the new images improve your invitations!

We’ve also made a number of other updates across the site as well. In the past, users have had some problems adding in email addresses to their registered account . We’ve automated this process to be able to merge in all of your email addresses to your Anyvite account, while still retaining all of your past event info. This means that if you had multiple email addresses invited to multiple events, all of those events should show up in your one Anyvite account now. This was a substantial undertaking to ensure that no data was lost during the merging process, so we’re pretty excited about it. It also should make the Anyvite user experience much better, since it gives the end user total control of how they receive invitations across all of their email addresses, mobile devices and IM names.

There are a lot of smaller updates which are far too numerous to call out individually, so feel free to explore the site and discover what changes we’ve made! And this is not the end…we’re currently working on some really cool things that we’ll be periodically releasing throughout the month of August. Stay tuned for those!

New Look

It’s 5am here on the East Coast, and we just finished rolling out the new version of the site. A lot of it will probably look the same, but some parts are significantly different then they were yesterday. Will write a much more in depth post tomorrow, but just wanted to update everybody tonight.

As always, please let us know what you think of the changes!

Importing Contacts from Mac Address Book

A few people have asked whether it’s possible to import contacts from their Mac Address Book. The answer is yes, but it’s not immediately straightforward, so we figured we’d post the steps on how to successfully accomplish this.

To Export from Mac Address Book:

  1. Open Address Book version X.0 or greater.
  2. Highlight the Group labeled “All” to view all of your entries, and tap the right arrow key to select an entry.
  3. Select all of your entries by going to the Edit menu and selecting “Select All”.
  4. From the File menu, select “Export vCard”
  5. Enter a name for the file and a location where it will be saved.

Next, Import into Anyvite:

  1. Click the “Import Contacts” button on the Address Book page.
  2. Click the area that has the Plaxo and America Online logos. You may need to disable your popup blocker for this step.
  3. When the Plaxo pop-up window appears, select the “Other” option.
  4. Next, from the drop-down menu, select “vCard (.vcf)”, and select the file you created during the export process.
  5. Click Next, and you should see a list of all of your contacts that you imported. Simply choose the ones you want to import into Anyvite, and click the next button.
  6. The pop-up window should disappear, and the text box on the main Anyvite page should now be populated with your contacts. Click the “Invite Contacts” button and you’re done!

Hope that helps everyone who’s been trying to import from the Mac Address Book!

A New Address Book, an Improved Way of Importing Contacts and Privacy Options

One of the top pieces of feedback we’ve been receiving is that we don’t display full names in the invitations, but rather the first part of the email address (unless a person has registered and updated their name). That primarily had to do with the way that we import contacts and utilize the concept of shared friends, which unfortunately restricted event creators from editing names on the guest list for an event.

In order to remedy this situation, we’ve introduced the concept of a personal address book (revolutionary huh? :) where you can import contacts with display names, and then edit or update any entries in your address book which may contain just an email address or an incorrect name. Then, the next time that you create an invitation and invite guests, the names will all show up correctly, and your guests won’t be struggling with who else has been invited.

We’re pretty excited about this updated feature as it allows much greater control over your invitation, and makes the experience significantly better for your guests. Even if you’re already a member, you can take advantage of the new importation feature for updating display names. All you have to do is go into the “address book” section and “add contacts”. Then re-add your contacts using your email account address book, or manually copy and paste addresses in. Just make sure they have the following format so the display names get pulled into Anyvite:

“Display Name” <>

The site will automatically detect if you’re already friends with the person and just update the display name. You can then browse through your address book, and update any other entries which don’t have the proper display name.

We also now allow you to see the email addresses of the contacts you’ve imported. This should significantly help when determining who you want to invite to an event, and what the correct email address should be (usually personal or work). You can also view the primary email address of people who you are mutually friends with (they’ve accepted you as a friend). Now, we know that some people are very protective of their email address, and for good reason, so we have also implemented the ability to hide your email address from everyone who you are friends with. Just go to “Settings” and “Privacy” to update your settings.

Please let us know what you think of the new improvements to the site using either the feedback tab or emailing

Broken Site Today

Some of you may have noticed that Anyvite did not look “quite right” (read broken) for a portion of the day today. The reason for this was that the service we use for hosting some key files for the display of the site went down, and without those files, the site appeared broken. We just had to flip a switch though and enable the backup files and everything was right as rain, but we wanted to apologize to everyone who came to the site and found it to be unreadable. If there is anything we can do to make it up to you, please let us know.

Status Update

Well, it’s been just about a week and a half since we launched, and we wanted to update you on how things have been going.  We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding things that could be tweaked and improved, features that would be valuable to add in, and miscellaneous items which we never would have thought of on our own.  Overall it’s been a very informative week and a half.

On the flip side of things, in that time we’ve put out a number of new features, made many subtle tweaks, fixed some bugs, and began prioritizing the many items on the “to-do” list.  We’ve also been working on restructuring the way that you add and store friends, which will make the event creation process much more effective, and the resulting invitations cleaner and easier to use.  Look for that to be rolling out in the next few days!

We want to hear more from you about what you like, don’t like, and suggestions to improve things.  As always, please feel free to send us a message at or use the feedback tab on the side.

Results of the Launch

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to check out the site and give us feedback on what they liked about it and anything that could be improved. Based on this feedback, we’ve already made some updates and changes:

  • You can now choose whether you want to send out update messages to your guests when making changes to the event details
  • We’ve added in a calendar for selecting dates during the event creation process
  • Oh, and we fixed some bugs too :)

Tonight we’ll be pushing out another update which will include the ability to:

  • Choose if you’re bringing guests when RSVP’ing
  • Allow the event creator to modify guest RSVPs. This would primarily be used if a guest gives a verbal confirmation of attending, then the event creator could toggle their RSVP for them

We’d love to hear any more recommendations that you have to make the site better. Please use the feedback tab on the left hand side of or send us an email to