Anyvite Now Supports the “Maybe” Option

One feature request we’ve been hearing a lot lately, and which has been a controversial topic with us for some time, is the ability to allow users to respond with “maybe”. Since we began working on Coordinatr, and then Anyvite, we’ve held firm to that fact that the site should support an all or nothing attitude, either you’re attending or you’re not. But, after many many conversations with users, specifically ones creating and organizing events, we came to the consensus that there are certain types of events which warrant the “maybe” option, and really, who are we to say that event creators shouldn’t have the final say with their guests?

So tonight we’d like to announce that Anyvite now supports the ability for event creators to choose whether they would like to allow their guests to respond with “maybe” or not. The only thing that needs to be done is to check a box during the event creation process, and the “maybe” option shows up in the drop-down box for users to RSVP with. A “maybe” button is then also included in all emails that invited guests receive, so they can easily respond from their email to the event.

We’re excited to see what event creators, and ultimately guests, think of this new option. Let us know your thoughts when you have a chance!

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