Add a Message when you Cancel an Event

We pushed out an update tonight which allows event creators who are canceling an event to add a custom message to the email notification before it’s sent to all recipients.  This is just a little update, but it saves users from having to send multiple messages to explain the reason for the cancellation.

Let us know what you think!

Choose an Avatar for your Profile Picture

Have you still not uploaded a profile picture for your Anyvite account?  Is your picture still a grey silhouette?

Well no more.   Anyvite now provides a collection of avatars for you to choose from for your profile picture, ranging from human beings to animals and dinosaurs. Simply go to “settings” and “profile picture” to view all of the possible avatars.

Finally say goodbye to boring profile pictures!

Profile Integration with Flickr and Twitter

At Anyvite, we constantly strive to create a better experience for the event creator and invited guests.  One way we’re doing this is by automatically populating new user and invited guest profiles with information from sites like Flickr and Twitter.  The end result is an invitation with a guest list where you can actually tell who’s coming, and enjoy looking through the pictures.

We hope to add additional social sites in the near future for even more guest profile info, so definitely keep checking back!

Try Before you Buy

Since we launched, Anyvite has supported the ability to “try before you buy”, where you can use the service to create an event and customize to your liking, before registering and sending out the invitations.  As we added in additional features throughout the month of July, the “try it” portion of the service was often neglected, due mainly to some complications which arose in replicating the internal functionality for non-registered users.  We’ve spent the past few days completely reworking the code so that the “try it” portion uses the same code base as the “create event” functionality, which registered users are privy to.

What does this mean for you?  Basically, the invitations that you can create while not being registered or logged in to the service are significantly better than they were yesterday.  You can add in a main picture to your invite, either by uploading one of your own or searching Flickr through our site, as well as upload additional supporting pictures or link to YouTube videos.  You’re also able to add in a profile picture and display name before sending out invitations to your invited guests.

There are a ton of tweaks and new features spread throughout the “try it” process now, so explore it and let us know what you think!

Open Invitations

We’re happy to announce a significant release from Anyvite today. Up until now, you’ve only been able to create invitations and invite people you know. With today’s release, you can mark an invitation as “open”. This will then provide you with a public URL, which you can post wherever you please. Anyone who follows that URL will see the invitation, and be able to RSVP with a form that is embedded on the invitation page.

Here is an example of an open invitation:

In addition to being able to toggle an event as “open”, you can also remove individuals who’ve been invited to an event, as long as they haven’t viewed the invitation yet.  This will enable event creators to clean up invitations where they’ve added incorrect email addresses.

We’re busy working on some more cool things, so check back regularly for updates!