Profile Integration with Flickr and Twitter

At Anyvite, we constantly strive to create a better experience for the event creator and invited guests.  One way we’re doing this is by automatically populating new user and invited guest profiles with information from sites like Flickr and Twitter.  The end result is an invitation with a guest list where you can actually tell who’s coming, and enjoy looking through the pictures.

We hope to add additional social sites in the near future for even more guest profile info, so definitely keep checking back!

  • MH

    Is the Twitter name resolution optional? It should be, as in some cases the invite is for a couple and the name was entered to the invited person in a deliberate manner, then all of a sudden it changes.

  • giantskittle

    Hey guys, I just set up an invitation per Garry’s recommendation. I found it much easier to use than Pingg and less maddening than eVite. A couple features I miss though, are being able to see who has viewed the invitation, and having a stable of stock backgrounds/images to choose from, rather than having to upload my own photo. I do like the format a lot better though. Great job.


    Ps. Why not use Posterous for your site blog? =)