SyPy Aug 5th: Scripting real time 3D simulations - Mycosm Studio - Jeff Cotter + lightning talks + social sypy

Hosted By:   Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia)

6:15: Arrive and enjoy munchies provided by Google Australia

6:30: Five minute lightning talks (open to all)

6:45 Main Talk - "Scripting real time 3D simulations - Mycosm Studio" -Jeff Cotter

8:00 Social networking and beers and dinner upstairs at theHarlequin Inn.

"Scripting real time 3D simulations - Mycosm Studio":

"This talk will give an overview of mycosm and it's embedded pythondevelopment environment that allows you to create real-time highfidelity 3D visualizations and simulation. Mycosm uses Python to notonly script behaviour, control, and interaction with external programsbut also as a means of fundamentally constructing the 3D environment.

We will go through some practical examples of programming mycosm anddiscuss it's potential uses. We will also discuss the advantages ofthe choice of python for this product."

Jeff Cotter:

"Jeff has an impressive record of innovation and software project management. As the head software engineer for Electro Optic Systems Pty Limited (EOS) he was instrumental in the design and development for the EOS Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) facilities in Japan and Australia. He was also the head software engineer behind the development of the software systems for:

  • A remotely controlled telescope observatory facilities for NASA (KECK observatory in Hawaii)
  • An astronomical observatory at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (India);
  • The Western Kentucky University telescope facility in the USA.

One of Jeff's more significant projects was design and development of the software for operating the World's first optical space surveillance facility at Mt Stromlo for the tracking of space debris in Earth orbit. The software that Jeff and his team developed was integral to the operation of this facility which has successfully tracked debris as small as 10cm at over 2000km/h in space. This project was commissioned by the US Air Force and the Australian Department of Defence with the objective of implementing over 50 such facilities globally to track every piece of debris in the Earth's orbit.

Jeff's innovative skills and excellent design skills formed the basis for invention and development of the Simurbansoftware suite, now widely acknowledged as one of the most advanced 3D Direct X based visualisation engines in the world.

Since mid 2007, Jeff has led the R&D for "Mycosm" - the company's hi-fidelity multiplayer 3D simulation technology platform."

Further Details:

We will also have slots for 5 minute lightning talks. If you think its interesting and you're a pythonista then chances are we will to. Put together a few slides and bring it along.

*RSVP: Please RSVP on Anyvite to get your name on the door*

Getting There: It's a 10min walk from Town Hall station over the pyrmont bridge (directions or catch the light rail to the casino station.

Go to level 5 or if the doors are locked wait outside and look for smiley happy google people to let you in.

Free free to join us at the pub after/instead. Upstairs at the Harlequin Inn 152-156 Harris St, Pyrmont( The Harly has cheapish thai/burgers available for dinner.

If have any problems call Dylan Jay on 0421477460

Date & Time:

Thursday, August 5 at 6:15 PM (AEST)


Google Sydney

Level 5, 48 Pirrama Street, Pyrmont, Sydney

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Lightning Talk: 5min



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