CodeWars PyCon-au 2010

Hosted By:   Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia)

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Eight teams, onstage knockout rounds of short programming bouts, loud crowd.. mildly impressive prizes. Any language allowed, no holds bared. Think of it like UFC for coders.

Free Beer thanks to Atlassian

Free Pizza thanks to Anchor - Hosting Heavyweights

Originally based on an idea from the book PeopleWare, CodeWar has been run in conjunction with the Sydney WebDU conference since 2008 with great success. To help share the mayhem we're proud to bring CodeWar to PyCon-au 2010, with experienced CodeWar compare Robin Hilliard from RocketBoots on the microphone to keep a wry eye on proceedings.

All comers welcome -- no conference ticket required. Come to compete or just come to watch. RSVP now!

if you want to enter a team read on...

Tourney Rules

The competition will consist of three rounds:

  • 8 teams of 3-5 people
  • 1 laptop per team connected to projector on stage
  • Rounds are first-past-the-post simple programming challenges
  • Any language you long as you think you can code it faster than python smile

We guarantee this won't be mind twisting problems for algorithm heads. It will help to have a team with a mix of skills, a clever and/or intimidating team name and vocal cheer squad.

For example: "Here is the complete text of pride and prejudice on this usb key. Be the first to print out the 7th and 25th sentances that contain both 'Elizabeth'and 'Darcy'"

If you're registering a team, RSVP and say you're bringing a team in the RSVP form (only the team leader should do this). Don't forget to bring your team and single laptop on the day.

If all the team slots are gone register your standby team in case of a no-show. 

Date & Time:

Friday, June 25 at 6:00 PM (AEST)


Atlassian (entrance via rear, lower ground)

185 Sussex St
Sydney New South Wales

Guests are Bringing:



Still Need

Who's Bringing

Standby team of 3-5



Raphael Speyer, Tleeuwenburg, Chris Collins, Adrian Higgins

Team of 3-5 which I will lead



Robert Ancell, Daniel Thomson, Josh A, Sharif Olorin, AJ Dyka, Chris McCormick, Kitten Tofu, James Bungard

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AJ Dyka 06/23/10

Does the laptop we're bringing need a VGA or DVI port for the projector?

Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia) 06/23/10


Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia) 06/22/10

All teams must be there at 6pm to be registered.

Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia) 06/23/10

If 8 teams teams don't turn up to be registered soon after 6pm then we will take registrations from the standby team list.

Mike Dewhirst 06/20/10

I'll be part of the noisy crowd smile

dave black 06/17/10

i would be happy to team up with some one - depends on what presentations are on at slug tho ;P

Tleeuwenburg 06/08/10

So, who wants to form a team?

Dylan Jay (PretaWeb Australia) 06/10/10

you might want to ask on the sypy list or similar.


This event is over and cannot accept any more RSVPs.

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