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This event is sponsored for all of you that are tired of being force fed establishment Rino (Republican in name only) candidates. It's time to make a difference. It's time to stand for Conservative principles. It's time to name names and back true conservatives and impact the upcoming elections: Meet & greet with Senate Candidate Patrick Hughes.

Free Admission, Live Band (Debbie K & Freedom Band) Slide Show, Cash Bar, Food, Live Streaming Video, U.S. Senate Candidate Patrick Hughes, Fellow Patriots. What else can you ask for?

Joliet Tea Party & Homer/Lockport Tea Party held a variety of successful Tea Parties, Protests, Freedom Concerts and Candidate Forums in Will County, IL. We held the largest national "Tea Party Express Rally" in New Lenox, IL. (Drawing 10,000 people). We have joined forces under "The Will County Tea Party Alliance." Our objective has been to engage the system, to encourage our elected officials to change the course that we are on as a nation, and to embrace those things that have made our country great. If they are not willing, then we are committed to finding and supporting candidates that will.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, January 5 at 7:30 PM (CST)


Woodbine Country Club

14240 W. 151st Street
Homer Glen, IL 60491
Woodbine Phone (708) 301-1252

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james gilhooly 01/06/10

went to Pat Hughes meeting last night and he impressed me vary much,lets all get on the same page ,please we need to change the way this state and goverment is run before it is too late

Mark Bouquet 01/06/10

I was impressed also. I tried to get his opinion on drilling here for oil and especially natural gas. While he agreed it would be great I believe he didn't think it was plausible. I say , let's get a majority win and start tapping our own natural resources, especially the natural gas.{tech is already available to convert cars} and jam the laws thru that are preventing us from using a cleaner,abundant option. I don't give a rip about bipartisian support on this one. The money this would save the US and the the jobs it would create,and we would stop funding both sides of the war!

Peter Yourell 01/05/10

Mark Kirk will never get my vote,not in the primary election or the general election if he should unfortunately win the primary. His yes vote on the cap and tax bill was despicable and unforgiveable. He is probably the most liberal "republican" in congress.And the fact that the RNC is supporting this guy also speaks volumes. Good day!

Jerome Schwartz 01/05/10

What Tea Party organization is in the Schaumburg, Il area?


David Ward 01/04/10

I have been to most of the tea party events, even the big one on 9/12/09 in Washington DC! Only by organizing, growing the tea party movement and VOTING will we get our big government to listen. I believe 2010 elections will be a rude awaking to the congress men and woman who don't hear us now!

Mark Bouquet 01/05/10

Reading these posts is disheartening. Kirk will win again. Just look at the division. We can't elect who we "like." We have to get behind whoever has the message, organization,and money or I am afraid it will be RINOMAN in office again. I wish the perfect candidate existed that everyone would vote for. I still have no clue as to how I am going to vote. I will be sick if we don't put aside our preferences and vote for who we like. This is big business folks.

Pam Ward 01/04/10

I am an April 15 TEA Party organizer and I would like to see you have Judge Don Lowery come speak. I think he is what Illinois needs. I will be voting for him.

Tim kraulidis 01/04/10

Pam, we did have Mr. Lowery at our candidates forum. He is a fine man and we respect his campaign as well as all the other Conservatives running.

Craig Vinke 01/02/10

Conservatives and Libertarians need to unite behind one candidate. Look at John Arrington. He has the best chance to win both in the primary and in November. Don't take my word for it, investigate him, listen to him.

Jean Mair 01/03/10

Arrington is MY choice too! He's brilliant and a real American! He has little in his campaign fund though and money is where the vote is at and that is a darn shame too. I'm voting for him anyway! He's so honest, so patriotic, so fair, hope everyone takes a good look at John Arrington! Best view on taxes also.

Mark Bouquet 01/04/10

Jean, You do confuse me. I made a comment about coming out to hear Mr. Hughes and you said you would "put your mouth where your words are" and this morning I read you are "voting for him any way" even though he has little in his campaign fund. I would be a perfect Tea party candidate, however it isn't just my views and integrity that will put me over the top. It is funds, organization and message. This is business. We cannot vote for who we like.{I wish it was that simple} We need to weigh all of these things or I can assure you, the "rino" will win again. Curiosity has got the best of me though. Why are you coming Tuesday if your mind is made up? I hope either you can be persuaded or I can be shown that Mr. Arrington can pull together the funds and organization needed to WIN! I am sure he has the message that we all expect now from our candidates. Craig V says Mr. Arrington has the best chance to win if we just listen to him. Not without organization and cash too. That is more than likely what I will need to have proven to me. I hope I am wrong and we DO have more than one option that is viable.

Jean Mair 12/31/09

Maybe I did not word my response right. I do agree Mark Kirk is a horrible choice for senator. He is a left wing lib disguised as a Republican. But there are other good choices for Senator besides Hughes. That's all I'm saying. I personally, do not like Hughes. And Mark B., I AM going to show up and put my mouth where my words are! This is the Untied States of America you know! Obama hasn't got that right taken from me - yet!

Mark Bouquet 01/01/10

I thank you and after re-reading my response it seemed harsh. I assure you it is and was not directed at you with the exception of coming out to hear this person. I, like you are sick of being given such lousy choices regarding elections and my "irritation" showed through. God Bless you and yours. Sincerely.

Jean Mair 01/01/10

God Bless you and yours too. Hope we meet on Jan. 5! We both have lots of good things to say!

Don Castella 12/31/09

Face it. Mark Kirk's voting record speaks volumes about why he should not be Illinois next US senator. If you are not aware of Kirk's record, you should be. Take the time to research candidates carefully. I did and I'm supporting Patrick Hughes.

Tim kraulidis 12/30/09

Jean, how can someone be part of the same old same old when he has not ever been an elected official? Don't let facts get in the way of your opinion.

Mark Bouquet 12/31/09

Where is Jean getting her info from that she would ask us to "heed" Arrington's \advice? I do not know enough about him yet but God knows I know "too much" about Kirk. What a jerk. Self serving,wrap yourself in the flag hypocrite! My recommendation to Jean Mair is to show up and ask Hughes what her concerns are personally. We have to stay unified, however, I do agree we cannot just rubber stamp whoever wants our support. Tim, I know you. If you say you believe in this person, then I am sure you did your homework.

Jean Mair 12/30/09

Hughes is NO choice for reform. He is a part of the same old same old "let's rip off the taxpayers and ignore them for the rest of my term. The Tea Party should heed John Arrington's advice in this thread! These career politicians have lost touch with average American and only listen to their lobbyists/special interests/illegals. BAH!

John Arrington 12/30/09

Unfortunately the Will County Tea Party Alliance is falling for the same old tricks and tactics of the Political Party insiders. I really hate to see such a good, well intentioned grassroots organization become a 3rd political party in Illinois, while not properly researching the candidates you are supporting. You must thoroughly vet any candidate you are putting your name behind, as it is simply not enough to support a candidate based on money and organization. Kirk has money and organization and you know what you'll be getting with him. Hughes has money and organization, but an embarassing past and history that no Tea Party patriot should want to be associated with. Please save your good name and when you do your homework and realize that you've made a mistake in promoting Hughes, admit it and inform your members.

joliet tax day tea party 12/24/09

JCEFrankfort Wish we coulc be there but we are flying out on Mon. Jan 4th. Keep up the good work. Will advise when we get back to Frankfort.

Reid3021 12/24/09

Its time . Tired of politians who lost touch with the working class. Lets make them here us in 2010. dont let them make a mokery of our constitution.

Larry Evans 12/22/09

Mark Kirk is one of the most liberal far left republicans in congress. He was one of just seven republicans who voted for the Cap and Trade bill. He is also very Pro choice. A true R.I.N.O.

michael zivaljic 12/22/09

in Romm Emanuel's own words, "never let a crisis go to waste"... well, our country is in a crisis and this is our opportunity to take it back and save it.

james gilhooly 12/22/09

why must all these politicions be Lawyers?Why not blue collar workers these Lawyers do not care about the little guy.Why not homemakers,teachers,steel workers,electricions,carpenter,secratary,plumber why Lawyers i donot understand this

Ken Majetich 12/20/09

Steve Balich is spot on. I was at the Joliet meeting with the candidates and Hughes is the only one who has a chance at knocking off Kirk. BTW, WLS radio (Don Wade & Roma) have had Kirk on numerous times, why not email or call the station and ask Don (he's pretty conservative) to have Patrick Hughes on their show.

Homerteaparty 12/21/09

Good suggestion.

Steve Balich-Homer/Lockport Tea Party 12/21/09

I will call the station right now.

joliet tax day tea party 12/18/09

Are there any other canidates? Do you have any info on Hughes you could share? Homer Glen is a cruise. It sounds like a good evening but I would like more info.

Homerteaparty 12/19/09

Below is a link to video of the Governors Candidate Forum and Senate Candidates forums. That is a great place to start. Each of the Candidates also has their own websites and facebook pages.…rt-tea-party

Steve Balich-Homer/Lockport Tea Party 12/19/09

Check out

Info 12/18/09

I would be interested if all of the candidates were invited. Maybe they were, but it doesn't say so. I'm not so interested in campaign rallys for one candidate. Are there others besides Mark Kirk? The idea is to listen to all so we can make educated choices.

Dennis Dockstader

Homerteaparty 12/19/09

We have video from both our forums at the link below, were you can view the Dec 9th Senate/11th Congressional Candidiates Forum and the Nov 4th Governors Candidate forum. Those were the events for comparing, now is a time for choosing.…rt-tea-party

Steve Balich-Homer/Lockport Tea Party 12/19/09

We did a forum for all the candidates. Hughes stood out as the only one with the 3 pillars of Organization, Message, and Money to get his message out. The other candidates had a good message, but no viable way to get their message out. Mark kirk has organization, money, Name recognition, but a message that does not play well with Conservatives.

Rick Newton 12/23/09

With all due respect, these two tea party groups have been very active in promoting forums for IL senatorial and gubernatorial candidates and there is video available at their respective websites. This event is about highlighting the true 'odd man out' or as they say on Sesame Street, 'which one of these people doesn't belong?' Mark Kirk hasn't a clue as to what it means to be conservative, yet he gets all of the attention and support from the media and the GOP - this event serves to put the spotlight on the candidate that doesn't belong in a conservative party and thereby assist those that are truly deserving of our consideration.

Jan Abraham 12/28/09

I'd like to see you ask Judge Lowery who is running against Kirk, as well. I was 100% behind Patrick Hughes, until I heard about Lowery. My friends in southern IL love him, and according to the people I know who have met him, heard him, talked to him, he is more likely to beat Kirk than Hughes. I would make the 2 hour trek if you had Lowery, and some of the other candidates. I agree with Dennis - not so much interested in a single candidate rally. After the primaries, yes -

Jim Nuellen 12/17/09

can't attend. we'll be leaving town on the 3rd for three months, but will remember this when we fill out our absentee ballots.

Jerry Schilling 12/17/09

I am with you guys. This is one person who should never be trusted again.

Darrekk Himmelspach 12/17/09

Mark Kirk is just another typical Illinois Republican in name only politician. RINO


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