Catholic Imagination and Contemporary Culture: What Is It to Think with the Church?

Hosted By:   Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

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You are cordially invited to join us for presentations at the 5th Annual Convocation of the DSPT College of Fellows by DSPT Fellows Michael Naughton, Gregory Wolfe, and Richard Gallagher. There will be dynamic Q&A with the presenters and other members of the College of Fellows.  A reception will follow.

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Each of the Fellows presenting will:

  • Briefly highlight major challenges within his field of professional endeavor;
  • Indicate how the gift of the Catholic Faith and the resulting Catholic worldview and imagination aids him in addressing these challenges;
  • Consider what it is to think with the Church in relation to his vocation;
  • On the basis of his experience, suggest questions and points that must be considered today.

For more information about the 5th Annual Convocation of the College of Fellows, including how to participate in the event via Livestream, visit

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Date & Time:

Saturday, February 1 at 1:30 PM (PST)



2301 Vine St.
Berkeley, CA 94708

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Charlie Brown 01/30/14

Sorry; cannot attend. Recovering from flu. Will listen on streaming or archived recording.


This event is over and cannot accept any more RSVPs.

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  • Alexander Ferrant
  • Angela Maiorano
  • Anna Regan
  • Anna Runkle
  • Anne Pym McDonald
  • Arthur Lenti, SDB
  • Bill APPLEGATE (+2)
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  • Cailin Shannon
  • Carden Smith (+1)
  • Carolyn Tune
  • Cecile Basnage
  • Chris Moreland
  • Chris Renz, OP
  • Chris Silva
  • Christine Vincent
  • Christopher Wetzel
  • Christopher Wetzel, OP
  • Claire Beveridge
  • Cody Jorgensen, OP
  • Colleen Power
  • Damian Bacich (+1)
  • David Anthony Palomares, Sr.
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