The PunkRock Champagne Holiday Social Tweetup #punkATL

Hosted By:   Todd Schnick + Stephanie Lloyd + Laurie Ruettimann

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FINAL UPDATE! All #punkATL attendees who choose to participate in the Champagne tasting will be able to taste four of seven hand-selected Champagnes:

  • Cristalino Brut Cava Spain
  • Cristalino Rose Spain
  • Henri Savard Blanc de Blanc France
  • Barefoot Brut California
  • Banfi Rosa Regale Italy
  • Louis Roederer Brut Premier France
  • Moscato D'Asti Bartenura Italy

...and three of four delicious tapas!

  • Spicy Chicken Sausage
  • Yucca Fries & Dip
  • Baked Beef Empanadas & Pico
  • Grilled Asparagus

IMPORTANT NOTE: To participate in the champagne tasting and tapas, the cost is $15. You can purchase your tickets at the main cashier.

Our sponsor,, has generously offered to give away five (5) AMEX gift cards of $50 each! We'll have drawings throughout the night. Other giveaways include:

  • One free business card design.
  • Three one hour personal training sessions
  • Three different Farmer D Organics gardening packages
  • Assorted Gifts From FuegoMundo

Oh, and don't forget the DJ. We aren't meeting with the DJ until Tuesday, so you have tonight to leave us any additional song requests. Leave them in the comments below!

See ya Wednesday!

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UPDATE: The planning for #punkATL is coming along nicely, and we are happy to announce that we have engaged Audioprism Entertainment to provide us with music for the event!

We'll be playing a wide array of classic punk rock throughout the evening, and we ask that you submit your special song requests by posting them in the comments below.

We will also feature punk rock trivia - and prizes - throughout the night!

Finally, we will run Twitterfall on the big screen, so be prepared to live tweet the event - photos,video, and all - using the hashtag #punkATL.

Stay tuned for additional updates...looking forward to seeing you there!

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It's December.

Time for all those boring, typical, and "Oh, I can't believe I have to go to another holiday party" gatherings.

No worries; not this one!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill holiday gathering...

This is an event where will we will raucously celebrate all we accomplished in 2009, toast a kickass 2010, and revel in being at the hippest party in town - and in great company!

This is a tweetup, so there is no charge to attend.

We will include a champagne tasting for $15 - with free tapas - as part of what will make this evening really special.

So, join the coolest crowd around, and we'll thumb our noses at all those sipping tea and eating Frosty cookies...

Date & Time:

Wednesday, December 16 at 6:00 PM (EST)


FuegoMundo South American Wood-Fire Grill

The Prado
5590 Roswell Road, Suite A120

Sandy Springs GA 30342

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David Cohen 12/16/09

Can't make it tonight - got a meeting I have to attend, but raise a glass for me!

vicki Lauter 12/16/09

Looking forward to seeing all of you

Todd Schnick 12/16/09

Looking forward to having you there!

Stephanie Frost 12/15/09


Todd Schnick 11/19/09

Hope you can figure it out. You won't want to miss this one!

Jill Heineck 12/15/09

I am sure old school tunes were already requested but I always rock out with my boys from the Violent Femmes, Black Flag, The Ramones. Later faves include The Donnas, Blink 182 and Green Day, fo' sho'!

Todd Schnick 12/15/09

Oh yeah, all good stuff. Have added these to the list...

Joshua Letourneau 12/14/09

Debbie Gibson was the greatest. Ok, maybe not smile Then again, an argument could be made for 2005 rasberry

Todd Schnick 12/15/09

Debbie Gibson? For that, you owe everyone a round... wink

Randy Barnes 12/14/09…ion-for-688/ this is a great story of Atlanta punk history and also an excellent example of blog comment spam. If you blog then use a spam blocker like the Akismet plugin to nix this poo.

Randy Barnes 11/26/09

- "I Wanna be Sedated" seems to be ubiquitous wink Here's my list which does not actually include my fave, The Pork Dukes, "Makin' Bacon". Also I think theres a recent video of The Slits playing in an Atlanta bar I'll try to post.

ian dury - sex and drugs and rock and roll

ramones - i wanna be sedated

Siouxsie and the Banshees nicotine stain

sex pistols - anarchy in the uk

and god save the queen

dead kenedys kill the poor

Public Image Ltd. Death Disco

Iggy Pop- raw power

the clash - know your rights

Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer

blondie- platinum blonde

elvis costello - red shoes (lame for pnunks, but a fav o mine)

beastie boys sabatoge

doa - smash the state

black flag - wasted

new york dolls - trash

runaways - cherry bomb

Todd Schnick 11/26/09

Outstanding. Building up quite the playlist... And thanks for your willingness to ustream the event!

Rachel Rose 11/25/09

Is there an '80s dress code or anything? wink Or shall we come clad in contemporary holiday-esque attire?

My three requests:

1. Just Like Heaven - The Cure

2. I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones

3. Time Bomb - Rancid

Todd Schnick 11/26/09

Well, Stephanie Lloyd is coming with a blue mohawk thing... Should be pretty interesting...

And gotta love The Cure...

Stephanie Lloyd 11/26/09

Um, no she is not...

Todd Schnick 11/26/09

Well, those tight leather pants you were planning won't work as well without it...

Stephanie Lloyd 11/26/09

Ha. In your dreams...

Todd Schnick 11/27/09

Well, I am not wearing leather pants by myself...

Stephanie Lloyd 11/27/09

Well then I hope you can convince someone else to wear them along with you. wink

Susie Shina 11/25/09

Yay! Free to be me!!!

American Nightmare, AstroZombies - Misfits

Take Warning, Bad Town - Operation Ivy

Moral Threat, Another State of Mind, (anything) - Social Distortion

Lover's Rock, Brand New Cadillac, Spanish Bombs - Clash

Time Bomb, Salvation, Roots Radical - Rancid

Drain the Blood, Ask the Angels - Distillers (punk re-re-revival)

How far can too far go? - The Cramps (garage, yes)

GoGo Harlem Baby - Flat Duo Jets (more garage but still)

I remember hangin out at the Metroplex when I was young (too young) - fun (and funny) memories - and now it comes full circle to a tweet-up - ha!

Todd Schnick 11/25/09

Oh yes, some good selections here too!! Thanks!

Jackie Hutter 11/24/09

I was a New Wave/Progressive chick but I dated punks (and married a guy who used to sing in a punk band), so I got a bunch of suggestions. Got more in me if you need more.

Cherry Bomb-Runaways

Alternative Ulster-Stiff Little Fingers

Oh Bondage Up Yours-X Ray Spex

Boys Don't Cry-Cure

Transmission-Joy Division

In the City-The Jam

Orgasm Addict-Buzzcocks

Smash it Up-The Damned

Blank Generation-Richard Hell and the Voidoids

People that Died-Jim Carroll Band

88 Lines about 44 Women-Nails

Pablo Picasso-Modern Lovers

KKK Took My Baby Away-Ramones

California Uber Alles-Dead Kennedys

I Did it My Way-Sid Vicious

TV Party Tonight-Black Flag

Jet Boy Jet Girl-Elton Motello (or The Damned)

One Hundred Punks-Generation X

To Hell w/ Poverty-Gang of Four

Holiday in Cambodia-Dead Kennedys

Todd Schnick 11/25/09

Great - thank you. And wow. Our DJ isn't gonna have to do any work at all. Thanks for the stellar selections!

Monica McPherrin 11/24/09

Problem Child - Wasted Youth

Blood Stains - Agent Orange

London Calling - The Clash

Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers

Love Comes In Spurts - Richard Hell and the Voidoids

or New Pleasure (by the same band)

These should keep you busy. I guess this really ages me.

Todd Schnick 11/24/09

Thanks Monica. Clearly we know what you were doing late seventies/early eighties!

And I love the idea for next tweetup to be Awesome 80's...

Monica McPherrin 11/24/09

Next Tweetup should be Awesome 80's New Wave

I love that music!

Monica McPherrin 11/24/09

God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols

Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies

I Want To Be Sedated - Ramones

What Do I Get - Buzz Cocks

Tommy Rector 11/24/09

Ramones, Buzzcocks, Johnny Rotten, The Clash, Iggy Pop, Black Flag...GO FOR IT!

Todd Schnick 11/24/09

Good stuff. We will get these added to the mix. Send along any other ideas....

Jaime Lackey 11/22/09

Sorry I can't make it. Sounds like so much fun!

Todd Schnick 11/22/09

Hopefully, I will be able to get you to come to an event at my joint soon! Sorry you can't be there...

Kelly.voelker 11/19/09

Bummer! I'm going to be in Huntersville that day. Hate to miss it!

Todd Schnick 11/19/09

Oh man, you so needed to witness a "real" tweetup. Not sure when you'll be back, but we'll be up late...

Tiffany Thompson 11/19/09

thanks for the sounds like a blast, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be in Vancouver for my birthday celebration that week!!

Todd Schnick 11/19/09

Sorry you'll miss it, but have a great trip!

Mike Haberman 11/19/09

I am incredibly bummed that I cannot attend. I will be leaving for Las Vegas that morning.

Stephanie Lloyd 11/19/09

Oh no! Was hoping you could make it...have a great time in Vegas!


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