Features List

Choose an Invitation Design

Choose one of the many provided designs for your invitation, or create your own by uploading a picture, searching Flickr, and/or choosing a pattern or color.

Enter Invitation Details

Enter in as much or as little information as you would like to get started, a title is all that is required. Use the styling options to customize the invitation description to your liking.

Search for Location

Use the “Search For Location” link to find possible venues for your event. Automatically populate the Location Address when you find a venue you like.

Configure Invitation Options

Change who can see the guest list, when attendees receive reminders, who can upload pictures and video, and many other options for your invitation.

Public Invitations

Public invitations allow anyone who accesses the provided URL to RSVP for your event. Great for large, open events.

Invite Guests

Add guests to the invitation from your email address books.

Invitation Pictures & Video

Allow guests to add their own pictures and video to the invitation.

Export Guest List

Export the guest list in either Excel or CSV format.

Contact Guests

Contact guests with updates or important messages whenever you would like.