There are better alternatives to Evite

It’s no secret that Evite, the online invitation site, is regarded by many as one of the worst sites on the Internet.  In 2007, Time Magazine listed them in their article about the “5 Worst Websites“, and countless other blog posts and print articles have said variations of the same thing.

A Typical Invitation from Evite

An Actual Invitation from Evite

In the past few days, the topic then of alternatives to Evite has again resurfaced and spurred discussions in many different forums, from CNET comments to Twitter posts, about what alternatives exist, as well as which one is the best.  Apart from the rather obvious fact that many people are unhappy with the current offering and are looking for something better, the most interesting aspect is that even the tech savvy “in crowd” are not aware of the multitude of offerings available to them.  For example, CNET published a post of “10 Evite Alternatives“, but failed to cover some of the main competitors, rather opting to include services which have become obsolete in the past year or two.  Other popular tech media analysts are asking their Twitter followers for help in finding an alternative, unaware of entire sites devoted to the question “what alternatives are there to Evite?”.

If headway is ever going to be made in the race to overtake the popular, but antiquated service, then something is going to have to be done to make it known to the general consumer that they aren’t constrained to a poor user experience and overwhelming number of ads.  EviteAlternatives is a good start, but a concerted effort by many will eventually be needed to help make headway in this campaign.  We’re as dedicated to this as many out there, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on spreading the word.