Announcing Anyvite Simple Ticketing

Since we launched Anyvite back in July of 2008, we’ve consistently received requests to incorporate some sort of ticketing or money collection functionality into Anyvite. These suggestions made obvious sense to us, since events and ticketing go hand in hand, but for one reason or another, we were never able to offer an integrated ticketing service.

With the new year, we resolved to change all of that. Over the past month, we’ve been working to implement the ability to receive money from your guests and issue tickets to events that you’re hosting. As with all things Anyvite, our goal was to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, so we’re happy to announce the release of “Anyvite Simple Ticketing”, the easiest way to create and sell tickets to your events.

It’s incredibly easy to get started. Simply begin by creating an invitation as always, and once you reach the step where you’re entering your event details, you’ll notice a new box which says “Sell Tickets and Collect Money from Your Guests”. Click the checkbox there to enable ticketing, fill out the ticket information and add in your PayPal account.

That’s all there is to it! You can then send the invitation to guests or mark it as public and share the URL via social media, and guests will be able to purchase tickets right from the invitation page. PDF tickets are automatically generated for each order and sent via email.

Anyvite collects a fee per ticket at a rate of $0.99 + 2.5% of the ticket price, with a maximum fee per ticket of $9.99. There is no initial fee to get started, and the Anyvite service fee is automatically deducted when an order is placed, so there is no additional work for the host or billing after the fact.

We’re really excited about this new offering and the potential it offers to event hosts using Anyvite for their invitations. You can find out more by reading the Anyvite Ticketing Guide, and as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on “Anyvite Simple Ticketing”.