A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

When we started working on Coordinatr (the precursor to Anyvite) almost a year ago, the objective was to create a site which allowed you to rapidly create events without any of the frills (like pictures and colors). We launched Coordinatr and started receiving feedback from users, and the consensus was that the quick, intuitive approach to event creation was great, but people also want to be able to add in their own creative touch to the invitation.

Well, Coordinatr turned into Anyvite, and with it came the ability to change your background wallpaper, as well as add in pictures and video to support the invitation. People were happy with that…we started having more events created with wallpapers than without. But something was missing…

..and we think we’ve figured out what that is. The old saying is that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and we’ve taken that to heart. As of today, Anyvite now provides the ability to upload your own custom main image to the event, or search flickr right from Anyvite for the perfect picture to complement your invitation! The results from initial testing are awesome, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on how the new images improve your invitations!

We’ve also made a number of other updates across the site as well. In the past, users have had some problems adding in email addresses to their registered account . We’ve automated this process to be able to merge in all of your email addresses to your Anyvite account, while still retaining all of your past event info. This means that if you had multiple email addresses invited to multiple events, all of those events should show up in your one Anyvite account now. This was a substantial undertaking to ensure that no data was lost during the merging process, so we’re pretty excited about it. It also should make the Anyvite user experience much better, since it gives the end user total control of how they receive invitations across all of their email addresses, mobile devices and IM names.

There are a lot of smaller updates which are far too numerous to call out individually, so feel free to explore the site and discover what changes we’ve made! And this is not the end…we’re currently working on some really cool things that we’ll be periodically releasing throughout the month of August. Stay tuned for those!

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