Results of the Launch

We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to check out the site and give us feedback on what they liked about it and anything that could be improved. Based on this feedback, we’ve already made some updates and changes:

  • You can now choose whether you want to send out update messages to your guests when making changes to the event details
  • We’ve added in a calendar for selecting dates during the event creation process
  • Oh, and we fixed some bugs too :)

Tonight we’ll be pushing out another update which will include the ability to:

  • Choose if you’re bringing guests when RSVP’ing
  • Allow the event creator to modify guest RSVPs. This would primarily be used if a guest gives a verbal confirmation of attending, then the event creator could toggle their RSVP for them

We’d love to hear any more recommendations that you have to make the site better. Please use the feedback tab on the left hand side of or send us an email to

  • nethy

    Nice going.
    I’m using it already. Found it on a slightly gushy Techcrunch article.

    Looks like it works well. I’ll let you know after the event’s been done.


  • Cheese Vixen

    I have been looking for a more user-friendly alternative to evite for years. I will use anyvite to plan an event in the next two weeks as a trial.
    Features I need:
    -ability to limit the number of guests for people who RSVP (eg, I will come plus two guests)
    -specify a max number of attendees
    -automatically create a waiting list for people who RSVP after all spaces are taken, with automatic moving up of people on the list and notification to them that they got a spot (VERY important – I spend a lot of time fielding last minute cancellations and trying to reach people who want to come but didn’t get in the first time)
    -need you to add the world’s largest mobile phone subscriber base to be supported by your text feeds. It’s China Mobile. I live in Beijing and so do my friends and guests for my events.

    I look forward to trying anyvite.

  • Kevin

    Love the site, great job on this! Thanks also for posting my latest startup idea on the Hacker News YC site – the traffic from that site has been ridiculous compared to sites like Digg, Reddit, etc.. Lots of good stuff there.