New version with lots of Updates

We just released a new version of Anyvite and it’s got a lot of great things that we’re really excited about! Some of the changes are obvious and some are hidden away.

The biggest change that you’ll likely notice right away is a pretty massive redesign that significantly alters the look of Anyvite. The previous version of Anyvite hadn’t changed drastically since it was called Coordinatr and while we moved around the navigation and made it a little wider, the site maintained the darker color scheme and rounded box in the middle of the page. The new design brightens things up a lot. Every time we switched back and forth while developing it, I couldn’t help but notice how much happier it seemed. Hopefully you’ll feel the same way!

The new design brought with it a nice blue header which goes great with our logo. But having a blue header on a site that allows you to change the background and main picture seemed like a bad idea. No one likes a clashing invitation (which is why you switched from another electronic invitation site in the first place ;-) . So we’ve also added in the ability to choose a color scheme. For now, have seven color schemes including the default which should help you customize the invitations even more. In the future, we want to provide more customization options so think of this as just the first step!

Speaking of more customization options, one of the other big changes in this release is that we’re going to soon start beta testing some of our more business oriented features including in-depth customization capabilities. For example, using our new (and still unreleased) theme editor, I created the invitation below (click on it for a larger version) mimicking an old computer terminal screen. We’ve got a lot of tech users that I think would appreciate this one, but we’re not quite ready to release invitations customized to this extent yet!

If you’re interested in getting more information about our plans for premium offerings, send us an email to

So those are some of the big changes we’ve been working on. We’ve received a ton of feedback and we realize there’s a lot that’ is still left to do. You can help by trying Anyvite and sending us feedback on what you like and what you don’t like.

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