An Additional Option for Removing Ads from Anyvite

It has now been 32 hours since we rolled out Anyvite Plus and a single banner ad for free invitations. Overall the response that we’ve received has been a positive one, but there have been some edge cases which the new pricing structure caused problems for. Specifically event organizers who create a lot of small events and would prefer not to have advertising shown on their invitations, but don’t require the increased guest list size or additional customization features. The volume of invitations that they create would result in a significant expenditure over the course of a year, so in order to make that a bit more palpable, we’ve just rolled out an additional pricing option that only removes the advertising from your invitation for the significantly reduced price of $3.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and concerns with this new pricing option, as well as all of the other changes we’ve made in the past few days.